Edua Zadory


“Édua Amarilla” Zádory, which means „glistening moonrise“ in Hungarian, was born in 1974, in the southern Hungarian town of Kecskemét. At the early age of seven, Édua’s
outstanding talent on the violin became evident. Taking part in a competition at the Franz Liszt-Musikhochschule, Édua wowed the judges with her exceptional talent and was offered
a scholarship at this outstanding Swiss institute of music.

In 1992 Édua began to study under star violinists Habib Kayaleh and Tibor Varga. One of the greatest violinist of the 20th century, Yehudi Menuhin, recognized Édua’s exceptional
talent. He invited her to join his master classes at Gstaad, Switzerland.

In 1997 Vienna, the city of music, became the center of her life. At the University of Vienna, Édua studied under highly acclaimed teachers Günter Pichler and Ernst Kovacic. After her
university studies, Édua began to attend master classes with István Ruha, Péter Komlós and the Altenberg Trio Wien.

In 2001 Édua and her „Eszterházy-Trio“ proved their talent once more at the Styriarte music festival in the Austrian city of Graz.
At the music festival „Mondseetage 2003-2005“ Édua Zádory played chamber music at the highest level, together with colleagues Christian Altenburger and Benjamin Schmid.

In 2005 the „Hungaria Piano Trio“ - Tamás Varga, Édua Zádory und Balázs Szokolay - was formed. Together the trio put on magical performances not only in the Wiener Konzerthaus,
but also at the Budapest Spring Festival.

Her professional life in Vienna has been marked by numerous concert engagements. Whether performing solos in the Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein, serving as lead
chair of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, or playing alongside the other members of her „young“ Hungaria Piano Trio, Édua’s expressive and beautiful music expertly fuses
Hungarian soul with the traditional Viennese sound.

In 2009 Èdua Zádory in Duo with Anastasiia Dombrovska won first prize at the prestige Gaetano Zinetti international chamber music competition in Sanguinetto / Verona.
The newest CD of Duo Edan has been released in June 2012 (Gramola Edition). As of September 2012, Edua holds the status of Guest Professor at the All-Quds University
College of Music in Jerusalem.

Édua Amarilla Zádory plays a masterpiece of a violin dating from 1801 and crafted by Joseph and Antonio Gagliano.