Victor Smolski

Guitarist | Genre: Metal

- Producer, composer with over 10 million sold sound records worldwide, lecturer and author of one of Germany's most successful guitar instructional DVD "School OfMetal"
- Guitarist of the internationally known bands RAGE and LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA (already had 12 albums in the Media Control Charts; latest album " LMO " at No. 24)
- 3rd place in the National Eurovision Song Contest on Pro7 in 2009, as well as several appearances on "tv total" with Stefan Raab with RAGE
- Regular touring the world with RAGE and Lingua Mortis Orchestra and numerous live broadcasts on ZDF, NDR, Pro7, Rockpalast WDR and Premiere, among others of the world's biggest festivals, such as Wacken Open Air, Masters Of Rock, etc.
- Film music composer, inter alia, of the title song "Straight To Hell" for the most successful German film of all time: "Der Schuh Des Manitu " (produced by Bully Herbig)
- Worldwide record deals with some of the biggest record companies such as Sony, BMG, Universal, Drakkar, Napalm Records, Nuclear Blast and many more
- Internationally valued member in juries, producer of numerous bands and albums
- Head of solo projects and workshops, inter alia, with Uli Jon Roth (ex- Scorpions), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Tommy Aldridge (OzzyOsbourne, Whitesnake, ThinLizzy) and many more
- Worldwide representative and co-developer for companies in the music industry such as Yamaha , ENGL, Thomastik -Infeld, Cordial, Shure, etc.

Victor with guitar

Viktor Smolski plays Power Bights RP109 e-guitar strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.